Michele started training with Josh in February 2016.  She had previously suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, mild scoliosis, a car crash, a shoulder dislocation and more than two decades of sedentary office work.  As a result, her neck, arms, shoulders and upper back had been rendered a “painful mess.”  She had previously seen M.D.s, chiropractors, massage therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists.  Each of them provided temporary relief at times, but none had a lasting solution to her problems.   


Most recently she suffered a painful rotator cuff sprain, and she started seeking a long lasting, medication-free fix.  Her corporate wellness coach educated her about corrective exercise, which was a new term for Michele.  She was a bit leery, and not terribly comfortable walking into a gym after she had had some awful experiences with them in the past, but she decided to give Lake Norman Fitness Specialists a shot and scheduled an evaluation.  The rest is history, and almost two years later she is stronger than ever and injury free.  


Michele is an avid golfer who used to suffer from pain and stiffness during, and especially after, a full round.  She now golfs pain free and is able to manage and correct any stiffness she is experiencing through what she has learned at LNFS.  The benefits of her program also include allowing her the ability to garden and walk her dog.  Overall she is generally more active and in much better spirits!  She has found it a blessing that her body moves in the correct way, she has energy, and she feels alive with the ability to stay pain free.


When asked if she would recommend LNFS to a friend or family member she says, “Without hesitation!  The results can be literally life changing.”  


She also adds that:


“LKN Fitness is a personalized experience, tailored to your unique situation.  When I worked with a trainer or attended fitness classes in the past, the trainers explained how to set up and use a machine, prescribed a series of sets, and gave some basic information on proper body mechanics.  That was that.”  

“Here, the training is in-depth and useful.  Before we begin each session, Josh inquires about how my muscles are feeling and incorporates specific warm-up, stretching or rolling to address those issues before beginning the planned work-out.  For each and every movement, he instructs me on form and where I should be feeling and sensing the movement and the muscle fatigue.  He doesn’t walk away while I do my set.  He watches the muscle movement and asks for verbal feedback about how my muscles feel.  If something isn’t quite right, then we stop, adjust the movement or maybe go back to muscle stretching and rolling before re-attempting the set.  Sometimes, a movement just doesn’t work for me, so Josh will adjust with a different one to accomplish the same goal. He encourages and pushes me just the right amount.  For the first time, I have made steady, significant progress without strain or injury.  The training also incorporates more than exercise; nutrition, sleep, and relaxation are common topics.”

“Josh, and all the trainers at LKN Fitness, will take the time to develop a program just for the individual.  In the end, I feel like I’ve found a great group of friends who care about my well-being, as much as I’ve found the perfect ‘gym’.”


Trainer’s Note:

Michele has been one of the most rewarding clients I have ever had the pleasure to train.  She has made phenomenal progress in her fitness program and has been one of the most consistent clients I have had in the last couple of years.  She works extremely hard every time she walks through the door and her results have shown the benefits of her dedication.  Keep up the amazing work, Michele!  We are all very proud of you and can’t wait to see where the next year of training takes you!


Josh Soper BS, CSCS, Pn1