Hi, I’m Dan.

I had two bulging disks in my back. It felt like I had tried everything and the docs were telling me it was time to schedule surgery. I was still grasping for one last option that would lead me back to health before going under the knife. And then I met Josh.

Pre-Josh I thought I was a relatively active individual. Turns out I was the typical middle aged man (with a belly bulge and a tri-glyceride level around 500), eating poorly and lifting weights the way I learned when I was a kid.

I began working out with Josh 3-4 days a week, and I remember those early sessions as Jane Fonda level at best. The nerve damage was terrible, and I had a lot of bad habits to overcome. But, anything to avoid that knife and live pain free.

Six months in things really started to shift. My sciatic problems began to cease due to my new workout routines, and additional traction allowed my disks to move back into place.

Five years later, I’m still a regular in Josh’s client list. He taught me that as we get older, our “butts and guts” get weak. When our glutes and core aren’t working properly, we lift with our backs and create serious problems. Me = case in point. Things didn’t change overnight, but now I know how to lift correctly. For every pain point, Josh helped me adjust my form, technique, and posture. And my injuries started going away!

I trust Josh immensely. He creates a comfort zone for his clients. He supports everything he says with research. And to say he goes above and beyond doesn’t really do him justice. When I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong on a bench press, he videotaped me so I could see the issue. He taught me what to eat, when to eat it, how much of it to eat — and after a year my triglyceride level was around 120. You just don’t get that support from your average trainer.

This is a lifestyle change for me — and the rest of my family. Why wouldn’t I give this gift to them? I know the knowledge and skills my kids gain from working with the trainers at LKN Fitness will impact them forever.

In my opinion, there aren’t enough Josh’s in the world! Let him help you change your life.


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