How a 53 year old got into the best shape of his life:


When it comes to a lifelong journey with fitness, everybody starts at different places.  Some were athletes growing up in great shape, looked in the mirror one day and realized they now had a “dad bod” that they had hope to always avoid.  Others once enjoyed running, but because of injuries they were set back and are afraid to start running again from fear of getting hurt.  There are also people who have never exercised and are afraid to get started or looking silly in front of others.


Most of the time when you read one of our blogs or any other fitness article, the information comes from the trainers.  While we want to share our knowledge with you and help you reach a better version of yourself, sometimes people view trainers as much different than them and hard to relate to.  Although this is not entirely true, because we face the same battles as everyone else, we wanted to share a client’s story with you so that you may be able to relate better.


Here is a story from a “successful” client at Lake Norman Fitness Specialists.  Success in this article is defined as defining and reaching fitness goals, long term fitness education, staying injury free, and becoming committed to the lifestyle.

Meet Jeff….


  1. Tell me a little about yourself.  (age, goals, exercise history, success or failures with fitness, any limitations)


I’m a 53 year old guy who prior to LNFS was stuck in an on again off again workout routine using gym machines. I suffered from back issues, and an old elbow injury. My cardio training was non-existent. My diet was poor (Wheaties and whipped cream), and my body comp was in the mid 20s.


  1. What kind of transformation have you experienced since working with a personal trainer?


Today I am in the best shape of my life, period. My body comp is under 15%. LNFS’s training has given me a body that is strong, flexible and has a high cardio capability. I can do any physical thing I want to do. I’ll be on a glacier climbing expedition in Antartica in a couple months thanks to my LNFS fitness level.


  1. What knowledge have you gained?


I have come to realize that out of a hundred personal trainers, there are very few that actually have the breadth of knowledge and experience that Josh and Jonathan have. There are so many components of personal training that must come into play: the right exercises, the proper technique, the appropriate nutrition, consideration of rehab needs – what LNFS does is develop a personalized fitness plan taking all this into account. Contrast their approach with a big box gym where a “personal trainer” means someone who follows you with a clipboard and pulls the pin on an exercise machine while reading their emails. You certainly get what you pay for.


  1. What nutritional habits or practices have worked or not worked for you?


It took me a while to be convinced of the crucial role that nutrition plays in the overall fitness plan. I used to think that if you had some exercise regimen, you could eat whatever you wanted. After stalling in my goals, the LNFS trainers finally convinced me to develop a better approach to nutrition (see Wheaties and whipped cream above!). With their guidance and the fitness app MyFitnessPal, I’ve completely transformed my diet.


  1. How many days per week do you workout with your trainer?  What activity do you engage in outside of your time with LNFS?


I work out three times a week with LNFS. Right now, I’m training for my glacier expedition so I also hike three days a week with an increasingly weighted backpack. I have to get to a 50 pound pack carried for 8 miles per day. My trainer has put together a weekly plan to get me to that goal.


  1. What are your top three favorite exercises and why?


Having come from a history of just using gym machines, I had never used free weights on a rack before coming to LNFS. I like doing things that are outside my experience so one of my favorite exercises is squats on the rack.  While ab exercises might not be my favorite ones to do, I do like the results!


  1. Would you recommend personal training at LNFS to others?  Why or why not?

Personal training at LNFS will completely transform your life if you make the commitment to it. You’ll have more energy, look better, feel great and be a healthier person. I tell people to give it 90 days and you won’t look back.