Hi, I’m Winky.

The scale. Every woman has a “scale story,” right? I was a slave to the scale, judging myself on the number I saw each day. One day, my emotions boiled over during a training session with Josh. I was frustrated — no matter how hard I worked, the scale remained stuck. Through my tears, I told Josh I just couldn’t work any harder. I’ll never forget his response.

“Winky, why do you care about what you weigh?” he asked patiently. “Do you think the scale tells you how fit you are, or how kind you are, or how good of a person you are? I want you to promise me you will go home, and tell your husband to hide the scale.”

No way I thought. But something in Josh’s plea made me do it. More than happy to oblige, my husband hid that scale (I still haven’t found it!). A few weeks later I walked in to see Josh, and he inquired about my progress with “the scale.”  I replied that I hadn’t weighed myself in over three weeks. And then he said, “and how do you feel?”

I felt … liberated. I never thought I would say that.

That story reflects the kind of coach Josh is. He is a motivator. He cares about the person first.

Training with Josh has been so educational — not just in the gym, but in my entire approach to health. We went back to fundamentals in the gym, adjusting form issues that were ultimately impacting my results. I traded hip pain for full body strength. In addition to training and outside activity, Josh places huge emphasis on nutrition. But he didn’t just hand over a “eat this, not that” list, he taught me about whole foods, the right carbs, and increased protein intake. And I feel so much better.

I don’t want to be intimidated in a gym. At Lake Norman Fitness Specialists, they have elite people. They have older people. They have heavier people. They have younger people. They have thinner people. And we all fit in.

I am thankful to Josh because he takes the time to tailor a plan to achieve my goals, and he is giving me ways to stay healthy and mobile and have a long productive life.

Hope you’ll join our LKN Fitness Specialists family!