You Get Paid For Done


In my recent journey to become a business owner, I figured I better start reading about business. I feel that I still know very little compared to many of our more successful clients. However, we have the privilege of working with great people who help us along the way. We know the human body and how to apply a particular exercise for a specific goal, but when it comes to the business side we are still seeking new information every day.


One of the fitness business books I was reading had a statement that stuck out to me. The quote was, “You get paid for done.” Although this is nothing groundbreaking, this statement has a lot of power behind it. Obviously, unless a client actually buys, shows up and trains, we don’t get paid. It is our job to provide a superior service that clients find enough value in that they are willing to pay us to help them reach their goals.


However, this statement is not just about closing deals. This statement applies to every aspect of our lives. When I was a kid, I was determined to be a good basketball player and make certain teams. I had a personal quote that I’ve always lived by, “Almost doesn’t count.” This was from a 12 year old so cut me some slack. However, “Almost doesn’t count” and “You get paid for done” can help you with your goals as well.


I know personally I find it hard not to eat something bad after dinner each night. If I have a goal of losing five pounds in the next three weeks, I know that I have to be consistent. When I have had a great day of eating healthy and working out the last thing I want to do is ruin it with a huge bowl of ice cream covered in hot fudge. For some people their struggle is downing a few glasses of wine or beer.


Another quote I like is “Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.” While I really love barbeque chicken pizza, hot fudge brownie sundaes, and pancakes I still feel the above statement is true. As soon as you have that stuff you feel guilty. The key is to prepare for it. I prefer to have my cheat meal Sunday night. I can look forward to that meal all week and keeps me on track Monday through Saturday. I can have that meal, love every bite of it and not feel guilty.   You have to find what system works for you. Perhaps you want one single bite of dark chocolate each night, maybe it’s one beer. The key is moderation.


The purpose of this article is to help you stay on track. I see it all the time. Most of our clients keep food logs. They will have a perfect day and ruin it at night by indulging in wine, beer, or sweets. Challenge yourself to complete the day!


If I can go to bed knowing that I have gotten one step closer to my goal, that day can be considered complete. A check on the list if you may. Remember, you get paid for done, and almost doesn’t count.

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